Can You Guess Where the Happiest Kids Live?

Can You Guess Where the Happiest Kids Live?

A new infographic called "The Science of Raising Happy Kids," released by, shows where you can find the happiest kids on Earth.

According to Happify, Mexico landed in the #1 spot. Spain followed in at #2, Brazil at #3 and the United States at #5. Over 4,200 children were surveyed in 12 different countries and it was found that 90 percent of these kids say they're happy all or most of the time.

So just what are some things that make kids happy? Happify states the the top five things include family, friends, playing, participating in sports, and toys, respectively.

Check out more highlights from Happify's research below:

- Feeling loved by Dad was even more important for kids’ wellbeing, happiness and life satisfaction than feeling loved by Mom.

- A mom’s satisfaction with her life is more important to a young child’s social and emotional skills than her education, income or job status.

- Sitting around is linked to unhappiness: 21 percent of boys spend more than 3 hours a day watching TV, movies or on the computer compared to 16 percent of girls.

- Kids are happier when they feel their lives have meaning and value.

Take a look at the full Happify infographic here!