The Top 10 Hispanic Baby Names of 2013


Did you have a baby in 2013? What did you name him or her? Was it Mateo or Valentina?

According to BabyCenter en Español, those are just two of the most popular names Hispanic parents gave their babies in 2013. The site's findings are based on the names of more than 50,000 babies born in 2013 to parents from the United States and Latin America who registered on BabyCenter en Español.

Some girl names that were once on the top list among Latinos, such as Mariana and Maria Jose, have been knocked off by Emma and Martina. In terms of boy names, Mateo replaced Matías in second place. And Alejandro no longer came in among the top 10 after being on the list for six consecutive years.

See below for the top 10 list of baby names given by Hispanic parents: