8 Reasons to Be a Working Mom

Latinas are the ladies most likely to be stay-at-home moms—but what about those of us who are hard at work outside the home? There’s heated debate about what’s best for the kids, and we feel confident in saying it’s safe to go back to work post-baby. After all, you were born to be the boss at home and at the office. And they don’t call you supermom for nothing! Read up on our 8 reasons kids benefit from having a working mother:

1. Instills a strong work ethic

Instills a strong work ethic

Our children call us supermom because we do it all. We get the kids to out the door in the morning, make sure they’re properly fed, and keep them performing well in school—all while working 40+ hour workweeks. Phew, we’re tired just thinking about it! But according to one article, witnessing a successful work-life balance can instill in kids a positive work ethic. It proves to them that they too can accomplish whatever they set their minds to—just like mom!

2. Breaks gender stereotypes

Breaks gender stereotypes

Working mothers have a particularly positive impact on their daughters. A study referenced by CBS News shows that working mothers are more likely to break gender stereotypes for their children. They show their daughters that the woman’s role doesn’t have to be in the home. In fact, it’s great to be professionally ambitious!

3. Makes better behaved daughters

Makes better behaved daughters

A working mother’s influence on her daughter doesn’t end with breaking gender stereotypes. A study quoted by CBS News also revealed that daughters of working moms actually have a decreased risk of developing behavioral problems. Maybe it’s because they have such strong-willed, disciplined women to emulate!

4. Teaches independence

Teaches independence

Sure, mom is there for the most important moments, but children of working mothers don’t expect their hands to be held every step of the way. A meta-analysis on the effects maternal work early in the lives of children found that kids with mothers who work are often more independent. They seek solutions to their own problems at younger ages, which can ultimately lead them to be more self-sufficient teens and adults. 

5. Creates precious moments

Creates precious moments

Ever heard the phrase “Distance makes the heart grow fonder”? One article makes the case that this can ring true when it comes to the relationship between working mothers and their children. When mom isn’t around for every second of a child’s life, it’s less likely that the child will take his mother for granted. It also makes those moments that mother and child are able to share together that much more special!

6. Provides a greater sense of security

Provides a greater sense of security

The recent state of the economy has made it necessary for many moms to return to the workforce full-time. Social psychologist Susan Newman Ph.D. asserts that a mother’s income often lessens the family’s financial stress. This can lead to creating an overall calmer, happier environment for raising children. 

7. Encourages above average performance

Encourages above average performance

Children of working mothers are more likely to perform above average academically, at least according to a study done by South Dakota State University. This study, which tested the cognitive and behavioral effects working mothers have on their children, reported that 60% of kids who attended out-of-home care achieved above average work in school.  

8. Keeps a positive home environment

Keeps a positive home environment

When mom’s not happy, no one’s happy. And apparently mom’s happy when she’s able to return to work. According to one study, working moms believe that their office jobs leave them feeling accomplished, satisfied, and more valued outside of the home—which in turn allows them to serve as better role models inside of the home.