Paula Garces' Best New Mommy Advice!

Happy birthday, Paula Garces! The beautiful Devious Maids (and new mamá) star turns 40 today. In honor of the Colombiana's special day, we've rounded up some of her best advice for new mommies during and after pregnancy. Click through to snag a few tips from Paula:

1. pregnant in workout gear

Keep Up a Workout Regimen

“I believe it’s very important to try to keep up with a light workout regimen throughout the pregnancy,” Paula wrote in her blog.

2. Paula pregnant on the red carpet

Flaunt Your Belly

“Your belly is BEAUTIFUL. Don't hide it! Hiding your bump (or trying to) will only make you look bigger and some people wont be able to tell that you're pregnant," Paula said in her Mamas Latinas blog. "The third trimester is your time to show off your beautiful baby bump. Be proud of it! Some of my best looks ever were long, comfortable material dresses that were inexpensive. And some were non-maternity dresses from super affordable stores (think Joyce Leslie or J.C.Penney) that hugged my belly super cute!"

3. Paula pregnant

Advice to Teen Moms

Late last year, Paula opened up about her life as a teen mom and shared a few words of wisdom for other young mothers. "I want to make sure that teenage girls know that if you decide to keep your child you have to get an education. You have to have a plan A, B, and C. Make sure you have a good support system. If all those things are not in place, it’s going to be very, very hard -- very, very lonely.”

4. Paula's baby shower

Planning for a Baby Shower

When planning for your baby shower, the actress believes you should use a great registry. Paula recommends Babies "R" Us: “It isn’t expensive and has many options and key essentials. [You can] get everything you need in one place.”

5. Nursery

Creating the Nursery

Build the crib with your partner, suggests Paula. “My hubby Antonio and I built the crib and the drawer/changing table together (well, my husband did the labor and I told him where to place things, lol!). But nonetheless, it was something we worked on together and we had a blast!” She wrote in her Mamas Latinas blog.

6. Paula and her daughter Skye

Plan a Girls’ Night

Before baby arrives make some time to hang out with the girls, Paula says. “Pretty soon, I won't have too much time to just hang with my girls by myself. So, I decided to have an all girls party at my house last weekend. We watched chick flicks and enjoyed our favorite drinks (well, some of us did—I can't drink!). My daughter Skye, my sister, my mom, my niece and some friends came over and we all got mani/pedi's! We all got our hair did, had facials AND got a Brazilian wax done (OUCH!). It was SO much fun, all we did was laugh and by the time it was over, we all looked gorgeous!”

7. Paula and her baby

Baby Blues?

“Do something physically active! One of my therapist's best suggestions was to become physically active. Anything that challenges you and raises your heartbeat for at least an hour will make you feel so much better," the Devious Maids star said. "Physical activity helps with stress and can be that much needed hour in your day where it's just about you and you can focus on just your task at hand. I started going to Better Body Bootcamp, Spinning, and I feel great. It gives me an opportunity to just do something for me. It's not only helping me with weightloss, but it's helping me cope with stress. It's also something I do for me that can help me get back to a better version of me before baby. Both places are filled with super friendly people and other moms that have similar goals. So stop making excuses do something for yourself!”

8. yoga with her baby

Getting Back in Shape

“Mommy & baby yoga is a perfect way to spend quality time with your little angel and get back that bikini body by stretching, elongating muscles and de-stressing," Paula said in her blog. "Stress causes weight gain a d makes it harder to loose weight, especially in the midsection. Yoga is a perfect way to battle stress and there are some great poses that involve baby and mommy so that both can benefit from the practice. I love to put some soft soothing music (my baby boy and I like to listen to Ricky Martin's "Perdido Sin Ti"). My daughter Skye joins us on occasion as well. Yoga is a great way for me to get in shape and spend healthy quality time with my kids.”

9. sleeping

Sleep Deprivation

The 40-year-old belleza says she's received great tips for dealing with sleep deprivation from her sister-in-law and mother Victoria: 1) You think you have a schedule, but it will change every two to three months. Also, hold your child constantly to make him feel secure. 2) Remember most babies have a fussy hour. You just have to wait it out!

10. Recent image of Paula

Going Back to Work

When you're gearing up to head back to work after having your baby, Paula says it's important to ask for help. "I know you want to be a super woman (and you are!), but you don't always have to be!" She said. "Between breastfeeding, sleepless nights, your relationship, school and trying to get back into shape, it's easy for mamás to get overwhelmed. I quickly realized after my son was born that I had to put my ego aside and ask for help. I've relied on my mom and my abuelita to help me with childcare and I've asked my hubby to help me rehearse lines for my auditions. It has all been working out."