Son Of Pablo Escobar Launches Clothing Line Depicting Colombian Drug Lord's Image


The son of notorious Colombian drug lord  Pablo Escobar Gavíriahas launched a clothing line, taking steps away from father’s career – and causing some controversy along the way.

Juan Pablo Escobar Henao, 36, launched in 2012 “Escobar Henao,” a T-shirt line with intricate artwork depicting documents that once identified his father, who was shot down in Medellín, Colombia, in 1993.

According to Mexican news source, SinEmbargo, some of the depictions include a copy of the senior Escobar’s driver's license, his university card and a credit card.

In addition, each T-shirt has on it a stamped phrase that, according to SinEmbargo, are intended to inspire reflection in buyers: “Your privileges; are they fruits of your deception?” and “What will you do with your future?”

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