Woman And Two Children Murdered After NYPD Failed To Translate Police Report

Deisy Garcia and daughters

A woman and her two children were brutally murdered by her ex-husband -- even after the woman submitted a police report to the NYPD, informing them that she feared for her life.

According to The Huffington Post,  Deisy Garcia told The New York Police Department in May that she feared her ex-husband would kill her and her two daughter, Daniela and Yoselin. On Nov. 27, police responded to a domestic dispute at Garcia’s home, and she followed up at the precinct the next day. Garcia, who was born in Guatemala, gave the report in her native language -- Spanish. 

Unfortunately, police never translated the reports and never reviewed the case. On January 18, her ex-husband flew into a jealous rage after seeing pictures of her with another man on Facebook. He stabbed her to death, then walked to his daughters' bedroom. He gave them each a hug and a kiss, and stabbed them as he asked for forgiveness. 

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