An Ode to Vick’s VapoRub: 8 Surprising Uses For The Ointment

Ah, the magic medicine. 

It’s a proven fact that Vicks VapoRub can cure everything...well, at least if you ask our abuela. It’s a secret weapon, a magical potion, the fountain of youth, and the cure-all that Latina mothers everywhere love slathering all over their niños - regardless of what’s actually afflicting them. 

It looks like your mamá may actually be on to something, because Vicks VapoRub can be used in a variety of ways to make your life better -- even when you’re not moquienta. We've got 10 reasons why vaporú is the only thing you need in your medicine cabinet: 

1. vicks lotion

Expensive moisturizer? Toss it! 
Oh, you paid $100 for a bottle of luxury moisturizer that has shea butter and cacao and all that nonsense to make your feet smooth? Oh, que bueno. Sorry about it, but we have a better solution: just slather some Vicks all over your feet before you go to bed, wrap 'em up in some socks, and in the morning, your heels will be silky and smooth. 

2. vicks headache

Oh, your head hurts? 
Ay, pobrecito. Put down the Tylenol, and rub some vaporú on your temples. We have no explanation for why it works, but it will definitely relieve the pressure in your temples. 

3. vicks pimple

You have a date tomorrow....
So, of course, a zit the size of Texas has emerged on your chin. Nobody’s got time for that. Mi mamá swears that dabbing a cotton swab of Vicks on a burgeoning pimple will clear your skin up by the morning! 

4. vicks workout

Ayyy, my back....
You went for a run, and now your only reward is a severe lower back ache. Rub some VapoRub all over your achy breaky muscles, enjoy the smell, and feel your pain melt away!

5. vicks mosquitos

Ward off mosquitos...
Who doesn't love being outdoors on a warm summer evening? The only drawback? Mosquito bites. Turns out that pesky mosquitos don’t love VapoRub as much as your abuela does. In fact, they hate it, and will steer clear of you entirely if you’re wearing it. And, if you do happen to get bitten, just rub a little more Vicks on it to relieve the itching!

6. vicks lips

Dry, cracked lips? Skip the expensive balm...
Step aside, Burt's Bees. Just brush on some Vicks when your lips are starting to get dry and your labios will be fresh and smooth and ready for smooching.

7. vicks cat

Ward off pesky felines...
Cats hate Vicks. Cats love scratching furniture. Solution? Rub some of it all over the furniture you don’t want your kitties touching. The only downside is that your house will smell like VapoRub, but at least you’ll never be congested, right?

8. vicks cry

Unleash your inner telenovela actress...
This one is one of our favorites. For all of our readers who watch too many soap operas and are a feeling a little dramática, just dab some Vicks under your eyelids and the (fake) tears will start flowing!