Teenager Comes Out As Undocumented Immigrant To Hillary Clinton

Teenager Comes Out As Undocumented Immigrant To Hillary Clinton

When 19-year-old Nova Bajamonti picked up the microphone at a forum co-hosted by Hillary Clinton and America Ferrera, she surprised everyone -- including herself. 

"For the first time publicly, I want to say that I am an undocumented immigrant," she told the crowd. 

Hillary Clinton took the stage on Thursday night for a forum called "Girls: A No Ceiling Conversation." Along with her daughter, Chelsea Clinton, and actress America Ferrera, she listened to her haunting tale.

Bajamonti legally moved to the United States from Croatia when she was just five-years-old, but in 2006, she was denied a permanent residence. Her father moved back to Croatia in 2008, and her and her mother have been alone in the United States ever since. "It's been very hard for me, because I don't have the documentation to get a job, to vote, which is essential to women's representation, or to buy an apartment, or to take out a loan for college," she told the forum. 

After delivering a tearful speech, the Brooklyn College student challenged Clinton to explain her position on immigration reform. "What do we need to do to put this in priority when it comes to Congress, because this is an extreme glass ceiling to me that I can't even control?" she asked the former Secretary of State. 

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