New York Politicians Push To Grant Driver's Licenses To Undocumented Immigrants


Several New York politicians are pushing to allow undocumented immigrants to legally apply for driver’s licenses. 

“A driver’s license will provide undocumented immigrants much more employment flexibility,” said state Sen. José Peralta who, along with Sen. Adriano Espaillat and community groups, such as Make The Road New York, introduced legislation last October to provide access to licenses to undocumented New Yorkers. 

According to The New York Daily News, although the legislation was not on the original list of the Black, Puerto Rican, Hispanic, and Asian Legislative Conference priorities for 2014, Peralta says he was reassured his bill would be added to the list.

“It will probably pass as soon as January,” he said. “In moving out of the shadows and into the economic mainstream, immigrants will be less isolated and less vulnerable to predators and their scams.”

This legislation follows a trend throughout the United States. The number of states taking similar steps has jumped from three to 11, reports The New York Daily News. 

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