WATCH: An Emotional Plea From Mother and Daughter Separated by Deportation

When asked what kind of impact the deportation had on her family, Evelyn responded, "Well, I come from a mixed-status family, so my two sisters are both U.S. citizens. My younger sister was 13 at the time [when her mother was deported]. So one, it was trying to raise her and protect her from what is going on."

"At the same time, my older sister was finishing her bachelor's at Florida State University," she said. "Just really trying to figure out how we would continue as a family with my dad here -- and he was currently undocumented at the time. The decision of whether we would move back to Colombia or whether we would stay here."

She finished with the most tragic reality of their situation, "Just how would we be able to continue the day-to-day things of what it means to be a family that lives in different countries."

Watch the heartbreaking video at The Huffington Post

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