10 Emojis All Latinos Are Waiting For

If you've ever used an iPhone, you probably noticed that the Emoji keyboard is sorely lacking a few items. Recently, Apple announced their intentions to revamp the Emoji keyboard with a greater variety of icons and faces. 

From tacos to piñatas, here are 10 Emojis all Latinos are wishing for: 

1. Taco

Latinos aren’t the only ones who need a taco Emoji. The entire world needs a taco Emoji. How else are we supposed to describe the intense, overwhelming cravings for tacos al pastor we have at least once a week? 

2. Burrito

A burrito is the quintessential meal. It’s perfect for breakfast and dinner and every meal in between -- and, frankly, it deserve its own iPhone icon. 

3. Piñata

Because a fiesta just isnt a fiesta without one. You can take your balloon Emoji, Apple. We want a piñata!

4. Chancla

The chancla Emoji would have multiple meanings. You could simply be saying, “Hey, grab your flip-flops! We’re going to the beach!” Its also a great way for your mom to intimidate you from halfway across the country: Mija, don’t you dare talk to me like that!” 

5. Cheese

The fact that there’s no cheese Emoji is an outrage. Cheese is an essential ingredient in countless Latin dishes (and French and Italian and American and so on.) It’s also essential to happiness. And making quesadillas. We need a cheese Emoji, pronto. 

6. Flags

Right now, the only countries with an Emoji flag are Japan, China, South Korea, France, Spain, America, Germany, Italy, Russia, and the UK.

I’m sorry, but que? Where’s Mexico? The Dominican Republic? Venezuela? Brazil? C’mon -- us Latinos don’t even get one flag?

7. Avocado

How many times a week do you tell your best friend that you’re craving chips and guacamole for dinner? Our lives would be much easier if there was an avocado Emoji we could use to convey our deep love of guacamole and all things aguacate. 

8. Chips

On that note, you can’t have guacamole without the tostadas. You cant have chips and salsa, either. How could Apple forget to include such an important appetizer and snack? 

9. Bearded Men

Does your dad have a beard? How about your hipster neighbor? End the facial hair discrimination once and for all and give us an Emoji with a little bit of scruff. 

10. Menorah

Admittedly, there’s not much use for a Menorah except during Hanukkah. But, Latinos come in all shapes, sizes and religions. Latino Jews shouldn’t be forced to accept a Christmas Tree as their only Emoji of choice during the holiday season.

11. Diversity

Let’s get serious for a minute here: where’s the diversity in our Emojis? People don’t come in just one color. We come in a variety of shades, shapes, ethnicities, and races. It’s time to add some diversity to the Emoji spectrum, Apple.