Oh No Ella Didn't! Nicki Minaj Calls Mariah Carey a "B***h" on ‘American Idol’ Premiere

Oh no she didn’t! Last night’s American Idol premiere wasn’t lacking in cattiness. Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj’s bitter feud played out before our eyes as we watched a newly revamped season, which included new judges Carey, Minaj and Keith Urban replacing Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler

During the first of many audition episodes, the Grammy-winning singer and "Starships" rapper had it out.

“I wanted to bring my dog,” Carey, 42, said when she saw 30-year-old Minaj’s drum major’s hat on the judges’ table. “We can have accessories? I didn’t know that was allowed. But that’s the last thing I’m going to say.”

But Carey didn't stop there. She then went on to brag about how big a hit her “All I Want for Christmas” song still is after a contestant praised it.

“She’s a b***h, she’s a b***h, she’s a b***h,” Minaj fumed under her breath.

Carey warned Minaj that anything that "starts with a 'B' and ends with an 'itch' – I rebuke it!"

Yikes! We can only imagine the drama that’s to come on this season’s Idol. Get a load of the b***h slip in the video below.