Learn How to Slap, Telenovela-Style

If life imitates art, then surely watching telenovelas can be interpreted as an educational experience, arming us with the tools to guide us through our own tumultuous romances. One key lesson Latin soaps teach us is how to deliver a good slap, especially when tempers flare, voices rise and insults start to fly. For a demonstration of this “art form,” we’ve compiled a slideshow of face-smacking videos that will have you feeling the burn. 

1. slaps: ”Velo de Novia” (2003)

Telenovela: :”Velo de Novia” (2003)

2. slaps: “Maria la del Barrio” (1996)

Telenovela: “Maria la del Barrio” (1996)

3. slaps: “Gata Salvaje” (2002)

Telenovela: “Gata Salvaje” (2002)

4. slaps: “Corazon Salvaje” (2009)

Telenovela: “Corazon Salvaje” (2009)

5. slaps: “Triunfo del Amor” (2010)

Telenovela: “Triunfo del Amor” (2010)

6. slaps: “Angel Rebelde” (2004)

Telenovela: “Angel Rebelde” (2004)

7. slaps: “RBD” (2007)

Telenovela: “RBD” (2007)

8. slaps: “Mundo de Fieras” (2006)

Telenovela: “Mundo de Fieras” (2006)

9. slaps: “La Madastra” (2005)

Telenovela: “La Madastra” (2005)

10. slaps: “Tormentas en el Paraiso” (2007)

Telenovela: “Tormentas en el Paraiso” (2007)

11. slaps: “Rubi” (2004)

Telenovela: “Rubi” (2004)

12. slaps: “Sonadoras” (1998)

Telenovela: “Sonadoras” (1998)