WATCH: Woman Unleashes Racist Rant In Front Of Her Children

The man in the car, identified as Narvell Benning, said that he simply turned on his engine but had not moved from the parking space when Ambrosia began hurling insults at him. 

Most shockingly, in the background of the video, the women's two children are seen hanging out as though this was just a normal part of life. On the video's YouTube page, Benning wrote, "I'm more upset that it was done in front of her children. They will have hate and have no idea where it came from."

Ambrosia called in to radio station 93.7 WBLK to defend her comments, after the YouTube video received over four million views and sparked thousands of comments. She claimed the man called her a "cracker" before the altercation intensified. She said that she is not a racist, and cited the fact that she has a "black cousin" as her defense. Most disturbingly, she defended her use of the racial slur: "Nigger means an ignorant person," she said. "It has nothing to do with race."  Wow. 

We're disgusted beyond words. Please, teach your children lessons of love -- not hate. 

You can watch the video below, at your discretion. Share your thoughts in the comments. 

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