WATCH: Woman Unleashes Racist Rant In Front Of Her Children

WARNING: This article contains disturbing language. Proceed at your own discretion.

Racism is alive and well.

In a video posted to Reddit on Wednesday morning, a woman in Cheektowaga, New York hurls insulting and racist statements at a African-American man. The video shows the women's two children witnessing her rant, while the man sits calmly in his car recording the comments. 

"You're a nigger. Nasty fucking nigger," she tells him. Despite the fact that she repeatedly uses the racist slur, she accuses the man of being a racist. Somehow, she fails to see the irony in that statement. 

The video does not show what caused the argument, although the woman -- identified as Janelle Ambrosia -- later said that the man in the vehicle almost hit her young son, Tony, with his car. "I said, 'I'm sorry, Tony, some people are just ignorant," she explained. "Then the guy started running his mouth. Being the protective mother that I am, I started running my mouth. And he threatened me, I don't know, saying that he was going to have me arrested or something."

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