Woman With Leukemia Finds Dad on Facebook, May Get More Than a Reunion


After 18 years and an extensive Facebook search, Malen Gaynor will be reunited with her estranged father.

The 39-year-old Argentine redhead was diagnosed with a bone marrow disease late last year, which later transformed into leukemia, according to The Huffington Post. Gaynor decided to kick off a Facebook search to track down her father in hopes of not only seeing him again, but also landing a bone marrow match.

"I decided to contact my dad when they suggested the transplant, which they could do with 50 percent compatibility. It's a chance, if a 100 percent compatible unrelated donor doesn't show up," Gaynor told EFE, according to Fox News Latino.

"I found him living in (the central city of) Cordoba and through him I contacted my half-brother who lives in Buenos Aires and they've already done a blood analysis on him to test compatibility. My dad is coming on June 4 to have it done also," she said.

Gaynor lost contact with her father after her parents divorced. "I feel that I reconciled myself with the past," she said.

The Buenos Aires resident has also launched a Facebook page called "Hoy Dono Vida," to help raise awareness about the importance of bone marrow donations.

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