Uruguay President to United States: "You Will Have to Become a Bilingual Country"


Uruguay President Jose Mujica met with President Barack Obama in the White House on Monday to discuss the importance of being bilingual.

According to Fox News Latino, Mujica stated that those in the U.S. need to learn Spanish, and noted that Uruguay and other countries in the Western Hemisphere also need to work on learning English.

“We belong to a continent where our mother tongue is more or less Spanish," Mujica told Obama, "and we live in a time where we need to learn English -- yes or yes. And you will have to become a bilingual country -- yes or yes."

He continued, “Because the strength of Latin women is admirable and they will fill this continent with people who speak Spanish and Portuguese, too. And Portuguese, too.”

What do you think about President Mujica's statements? Do you agree or disagree?

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