Students Honor Murdered Classmate With Emotional Vigil on Prom

Students Honor Murdered Classmate With Emotional Vigil on Prom

Heartbreaking. What should have been a night of young, carefree fun was instead a tear-filled memorial for the students of Jonathan Law High School in Milford, Connecticut. Dressed in their prom attire, the students made their way to the beach to remember fellow classmate Maren Sanchez, who was stabbed and killed earlier that day, reportedly after rejecting a prom proposal.

Although the prom was postponed, the students of Jonathan Law H.S. dressed up in their would-be prom outfits, while friends and family members joined the teens at Walnut Beach to honor the truly loved student. Around 200 people attended, according to the Hartford Courant. They shared anecdotes and words, comforting each other and even crowning Sanchez prom queen, holding up a gown in rememberance of her. They also released purple balloons, inscripted with "Love you, Maren". 

"We are obviously devastated by the loss of one of our students, Maren Sanchez," schools Superintendent Elizabeth Feser said at a news conference earlier on Friday. "She was a 16-year-old junior – vibrant, very, very involved in Jonathan Law High School, an incredible contributor, someone who was loved and respected."

A 16-year-old male teen had been taken into custody following the incident on Friday. Our hearts go out to all of Sanchez's friends and family, and the community of Milford.