Schools in the U.S. Are Still Racist, New Report Finds

Schools in the U.S. Are Still Racist, New Report Finds

In perhaps not-so-shocking news, a new government report finds that public school students of color are subject to different treatment than many of their white peers, including more punishments and less access to veteran teachers.

According to the Huffington Post, minority students have less access to experienced teachers as they (along with English language learners) are often placed into schools with the most new teachers. Seven percent of black students attend schools where as many as 20 percent of teachers fail to meet license and certification requirements. Moreover, one in four districts pay teachers up to $5,000 more for positions in less-diverse schools than with schools with a higher black and Latino student enrollment.

"This data collection shines a clear, unbiased light on places that are delivering on the promise of an equal education for every child and places where the largest gaps remain," U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan said in a statement. "In all, it is clear that the United States has a great distance to go to meet our goal of providing opportunities for every student to succeed."

The information provided, part of an ongoing survey by the Education Department's Office of Civil Rights, highlights problems experienced by minority students in public schools across the U.S. For the first time since 2000, the new version of the survey includes results from all 16,500 American school districts, representing 49 million students.

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