WATCH: High School Seniors Pull Hilarious Mariachi Prank on Principal

WATCH: High School Seniors Hire Mariachi Band To Follow Principal All Day


A group of seniors from Santa Barbara High School gave a hilarious farewell present to their principal, John Becchio. 

When Becchio opened the doors to his office around 7:30am on Tuesday morning, he was greeted to the beat of a four-piece mariachi band. The students hired the band to follow the principal around anywhere and everywhere he went -- for 90 minutes! 

"It was a senior prank that delighted students and staff," the school district said in a statement about the stunt. The last day of school is Friday, but Becchio certainly won't be forgetting these students anytime soon. "It was kind of a special send-off," he told the Los Angeles Times

Watch below. We can't stop laughing!