Obamacare Latino Sign-Up Rate Remains Terribly Low

Obamacare Latino Sign-Up Rate Remains Terribly Low

Latinos are at risk of missing out on Obamacare.

According to Fox News Latino, Hispanics account for one-third of the nation's uninsured, but very few are running to the table to sign up.

"The enrollment rate for Hispanic-Americans seems to be very low, and I would be really concerned about that," said Brookings Institution health policy expert Mark McClellan.

"It is a large population that has a lot to gain ... but they don't seem to be taking advantage."

As the White House works on trying to meet its goal of 6 million sign-ups by March 31, even President Obama took the time to send a message to the Hispanic community.

"You don't punish me by not signing up for health care," Obama said during a recent televised town hall. "You're punishing yourself or your family."

Fox News Latino reports that it appears one of the main reasons why Latinos aren't signing up is because many were deterred after technical problems paralyzed the health care rollout and the Spanish-language version of the HealthCare.gov website (cuidadodesalud.gov).

Experts also say a shortage of in-person helpers to guide consumers, fear that applying for health care will bring unwelcome scrutiny from immigration authorities, and the decision by many Republican-led states not to expand Medicaid, as they could under the law, have been a cause for concern and reasons for why Hispanics won't sign up.