North Carolina Sheriff Deputies Shared Links to Border Crossers Video Game

North Carolina Sheriff Shared Links to Racist Video Game

A video game that allows players to shoot undocumented immigrants, including children and pregnant women? 

According to the Huffington Post, federal prosecutors say deputies of North Carolina Alamance County Sheriff Terry S. Johnson, shared links to the described bloody video game.

"Captain Mario Wiley emailed several other ACSO employees a link to a game premised on shooting stereotypical Mexican figures, including pregnant women and children, as they attempt to cross the U.S. border," the motion says, according to Fox News Latino. "Blood splatters on the screen as the figures are shot, and the final screen of the game shows how many 'wetbacks' one has killed."

The sheriff's department has also been accused of illegally targeting Latino drivers, and violating the rights of citizens and legal residents by detaining and arresting Latinos without probable cause.

But an attorney for Johnson says the accusations are inaccurate and are seeking to have the case dismissed. "Sheriff Johnson and his office have not engaged in a pattern or practice of intentionally treating Latinos differently due to their ethnicity," Johnson's lawyer wrote in the motion.

Fox News Latino reports that prosecutors have cited "extensive evidence of racial bias" on the part of Johnson and his deputies. Federal officials also say Johnson referred to Latinos as "taco eaters" prone to drinking, drug dealing and other crimes, according to Fox News Latino. The sheriff also reportedly "ordered special roadblocks in neighborhoods where Latinos live, during which those with brown skin were stopped while whites were waved through."