'Narco-Pizzeria' In Argentina Sold Cocaine & Marijuana By Putting Them Inside Pizza

'Narco-Pizzeria' In Argentina Sold Cocaine, Marihuana Putting Them Inside The Pizza

Argentinian police on Wednesday busted a band of drug traffickers who sold marijuana and cocaine at a "narco-pizzeria," hiding the illegal merchandise in the food and alerting their drug customers that to get the stash they have to use the name of actress Dolores Fonzi, authorities said.

The band ran a shop in Lanus, on the outskirts of the capital, where police found three ounces of cocaine, three ounces of marijuana, a revolver, a shotgun, photos of the actress and 2,500 pesos (about $310) in cash.

Lanus police chief Fabian Perroni told reporters that three people were arrested - two men and a woman - and they "used the pizzeria as a front ... [and that] they had classified their customers" into two groups, one group to whom they offered the drug menu and the other to whom they showed a "clean" menu.

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