Laura Ingraham Mocks Immigrant Children Using Taco Bell Ad

Laura Ingraham attends The Daily Beast Bi-Partisan Inauguration Brunch
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New low, Laura Ingraham. 

The conservative media personality used a sound bite from a Taco Bell commercial to mock undocumented immigrant children in Central America. 

"The consul of Honduras is saying that the illegal immigrant children are complaining to the consulate of Honduras that the burritos and eggs they are being given in their holding areas are making them sick," she said on The Laura Ingraham Show. "So, they're complaining about the food. I bet there are a lot of American kids who would like free food before they go to bed at night."

She followed the heartless statement with a clip from the infamous 1990s Taco Bel ads: "Yo Quiero Taco Bell."

According to CBS Houstonthe undocumented immigrant children in question live at a holding facility in Nogales, Ariz. Officials with Homeland Security are currently working to improve living conditions for the 1,000+ children and teenagers at the center after Tony Banegas, consul of Honduras to Arizona, told KPHO-TV that the food was making children sick. 

Ironically, Ingraham's insensitive Taco Bell comments followed a rambling argument about how much she loves children. "Of course there are a wonderful children," she said. "I remember the children in the Iraqi orphanages that i visited, that I had to leave behind, that I wanted to bring to the United States, but they wouldn't let me adopt any of them. I remember those children. Heart broke for them."

Apparently, she only loves children as long as they aren't undocumented immigrants -- and aren't requesting "luxuries" like warm food that won't make them sick. 

Listen below. What are your thoughts?