Laura Ingraham: English is "In Decline" Because of Mexicans

Laura Ingraham: English is "In Decline" Because of Mexicans
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Ingraham also states that "Remember, the La Raza is all about–the movement underneath La Raza, which… translates as "The Race" is: This is our land. You took our land. We're coming to take it back."

She goes on, "That's what fanatics really think… And Nancy Pelosi and La Raza are licking their chops about this immigration reform."

Essentially, Ingraham is reviving the myth that NCLR (National Council of La Raza) is supporting the Reconquista, a movement that believes Mexico has the right to reclaim land lost in the southwestern United States. But it seems that it's the pundit who herself is making this out to be a "race" issue (even though Latinos are not a race, but more on that later), when it's an immigration and immigrant reform issue.

We'd like to take this time to remind everyone that "immigrants" does not directly translate to "Mexicans," nor are all Hispanics or Latinos Mexican. With the idea that Latinos are trying to take back "our land," it equates all three. 

And let's put it out there: the idea that immigration reform is motivated by the want to reclaim the western United States is absurd. In addition, "La Raza" translated to mean "The Race" is something only those with a 7th-grade semester of Spanish would deem correct. "Raza," can indeed, be translated as "race." But it has multiple meanings, and La Raza would be better translated as "the people" or "the community." ("The Race" would also be factually inaccurate, as Latino is not a race.)

Finally, pundits should understand the words they're using and the context in which to use them. Jingoism, by and large, has actually been associated more often in recent speech with U.S. governmental policies, and in particular, GOP conservative policies. Ironic, no?

Moreover, David Webb, a member of the Tea Party and conservative talk show host, once used the word "jingoistic" as a positive adjective on Fox News without a hint of irony, describing U.S. Olympians' uniforms, and in particular Gabby Douglas', as not being patriotic enough for him: "America is America, and we are a very nationalistic nation.  We've also lost over time that jingoistic feeling…"

In our opinion: Don't use big words if you don't know what they mean.

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