Fox Contributor Attacks Sotomayor's 'Allegiance' to the U.S. Because She Is Puerto Rican

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In case Laura Ingraham isn't aware, Sonia Sotomayor is a Puerto Rican who was born in the Bronx. Another tidbit Ingraham may want to make note of is Puerto Ricans have had U.S. citizenship since 1917, after the Jones-Shafroth Act was signed into law by President Woodrow Wilson.

According to, the conservative Fox News contributor recently attacked the Supreme Court Justice saying she needs to choose between her "immigrant family background" and the Constitution.

Ingraham's remarks come after Sotomayor's speech at Yale Law on February 3 where she told students she was the first Supreme Court Justice to use the term "undocumented immigrant" rather than "illegal alien." Sotomayor said calling them "illegal aliens seemed and does seem insulting to me."

The Fox contributor said on her radio show that Sotomayor's preference of one term over the other shows her “allegiance obviously goes to her, you know, immigrant family background, not to the U.S. Constitution.”

Being that Sotomayor is a United States citizen and was born to American citizens proves that Ingraham's rant is really, well, pointless.

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