The #1 Reason Why Latinos in Big Cities Struggle to Eat Healthy

Urban Minorities & Food Desserts
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These “food desserts”, urban areas where it is next to impossible to buy healthy foods, fruits or vegetables, are a problem. Although there may be a bodega on every other corner, these corner or convenience stores rarely carry high-quality food options such as low-fat dairy, lean meats and fresh fruits and vegetables. 

So how do we solve the problem of minorities in urban settings having the least access to healthy food options? Cannuscio says that cities around the U.S. are making an effort to remedy the situation, such as Philadelphia encouraging the comeback of the farmer’s market and the addition of refrigerated sections in bodegas where produce can be kept. Going to a farmer’s market as a family, where you can take pleasure in the social aspect of food shopping and allow each member of the family to help pick out a new fruit or vegetable to try, is a good place to start for Latino families struggling to find healthy food locally.