Julia Marino Is Paraguay's First Winter Olympian

Julia Marino Is Paraguay's First Winter Olympian

One athlete from Paraguay is making history at the Sochi Olympic Games

Fox News Latino reports that Paraguayan-American freeskier Julia Marino will be the first athlete to represent the country in a Winter Olympics games. The 21-year-old athlete will be competing in slopestyle skiing.

Born in the tiny town of Bahía Negra, near Paraguay’s border with Bolivia and Brazil, Marino spent her children in the United States after being adopted by a Winchester, Mass. family. Later, her family also adopted a second Paraguayan child, her brother, Mark.

Marino first discovered her love of skiing while taking on the slopes in neighboring New Hampshire. Later, she enrolled at the University of Colorado, where she took on the bigger hills of the Rocky Mountains.

The young skier qualified for Olympic consideration last March, but her chances of making the extremely competitive U.S. were far from guaranteed. But the Paraguayan team? Well, considering the Latin American country didn’t even have a Winter Olympic team -- her chances were pretty darn good. 

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