New Report Details Hispanic's Disturbing Role in Sex Trafficking

Child prostitute

Sex trafficking is still running rampant throughout the U.S., and according to a new report, Hispanics are not only highly affected by it, they're also largely to blame.

Voxxi reports that sex traffic crime rings and underground sex businesses run by Hispanics are greatly increasing. Both Hispanic men and women are often involved with running underground sex businesses that involve not only prostitution, but child pornography as well.

“The Hispanic side is still about the money,” said a San Diego Law Enforcement Official in the report, according to Voxxi.

Another finding in the report cites that 80 percent of sex trafficking clients are Hispanic men.

Below are more highlights from the "Underground Commercial Sex Economy" report:

- Most women sold for sex trafficking are offered up by their own mothers who are seeking ways to pay for their drug addictions.

- In cities such as Miami, most of those being forced into the underground sex trade are from Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala.

- Child pornography is an escalating problem and has become increasingly graphic with younger victims.