George Zimmerman's Crazy Post-Murder Charge Career

George Zimmerman became well-known after fatally shooting 17-year-old Trayvon Martin on February 26, 2012. Although Zimmerman was acquitted of these charges, it doesn't seem he's had any real sense of remorse for what he did. After all, found guilty or not, he still took away the life of an innocent young man. But rather than being remorseful or staying under the radar, it appears Zimmerman now considers himself to be not only invincible, but a celebrity of some sort. Why? We have no idea! Here are some of the crazy ways he's tried to remain in the public eye:

1. South Park

In October 2013, Zimmerman was satirized on South Park in an episode called "World War Zimmerman." The episode was a parody on World War Z and Zimmerman's murder trial.


2. Celebrity Boxing

Earlier this year, Zimmerman was scheduled to appear in a celebrity boxing match against rapper DMX. The match between these two has since been cancelled, but a new promoter recently spoke with TMZ and said Zimmerman is still up for a fight. Who he will go up against remains unknown and apparently this match will be a "fight to the death," where no gloves will be used.

3. Paintings

The 30-year-old Florida resident has apparently left his neighborhood watchman days behind and decided to become an artist. Zimmerman has been producing paintings which he's been selling on eBay. His very first painting sold for $100,099.99 in December.

4. Helped Victims of Car Accident

About a week after Zimmerman was acquitted for the murder of Trayvon Martin, he was making headlines again, this time for helping victims who had been in a car accident. It seemed Zimmerman was hoping to gain some good karma and fame.

5. Run-ins With the Law

Despite being acquitted on charges of second-degree murder, Zimmerman continued to appear in the news after having a few more run-ins with the law. He was involved in domestic disputes with both his estranged wife and girlfriend, but once again managed to get away. Could this be why he continues to feel as though he's above it all? It seems so.