Democratic Leader: Candidate's Name Change is "Incredibly Offensive"

Democratic Leader: Candidate's Name Change is "Incredibly Offensive"

Earlier this week, we told you about a failed GOP candidate from Arizona who decided to switch political parties and change his name to Cesar Chavez in order to win a seat in Congress.

According to Fox News Latino, Shasta McManus -- the executive director of Arizona's Pima County Democratic Party -- says Scott Fistler's new identity won't help his chances of winning.

“It’s a guy who has lost twice already running as a Republican in the same area," McManus told Fox News Latino. "He didn’t lose because his name was Fistler, and he didn’t lose because he was a Republican. He lost because he was out of touch with the district."

McManus also said that Fistler's decision to change his name to the beloved civil rights activist's is plain disrespectful.

“It’s incredibly offensive on the sheer fact that he thinks that voters are that uninformed or that ignorant," McManus said.

"Cesar Chavez was an iconic labor leader in the Latino community. And for him to choose any name – but that name ... It really says exactly what he thinks of the voters in that district."

Seems like Shasta McManus hit the nail on the head. What do you think?