Companies Recruiting Undocumented Immigrants Who Came to U.S. As Children

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The good news just keeps rolling in for undocumented immigrants who came to the U.S. as children!

First, lawmakers announced that more states would be granting in-state tuition to those who came to the U.S. as minors. Then, a new program was set in place to grant millions in scholarships to DREAMers.

And now, according to the New York Daily News, companies have started reaching out and recruiting these young immigrants who came here illegally as kids and have been granted permission to work through the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

A number of employers, including Teach for America and a North Carolina-based bank, have already begun hiring DREAMers. Teach for America, which places recent college grads at low-income urban or rural schools for two years, now lists deferred-action status on their application as a way to meet eligibility requirements. So far, the teaching organization has accepted 30 applicants for 2014 with this status.

“It’s just an incredible opportunity for our country,” Teach for America co-CEO Elisa Villanueva Beard told Daily News. Beard said the organization decided to reach out specifically to deferred-action participants "because it fits with their philosophy to boost young people’s access and equity."

“It’s critical for us to create pathways for more people of color to enter the teaching force,” Villanueva Beard said.

According to the Daily News, Teach for America has been explaining deferred action to school districts across the country, saying that as long as the immigrants have work authorization, a social security number, and a 2.5 grade point average in college, they can teach through their program.

What do you think about what companies, such as Teach for America, are doing for these young undocumented immigrants?