Columbia Students Post Offensive Photos Dressed in Stereotypical Mexican Garb

Columbia Students Post Offensive Photos Dressed in Stereotypical Mexican Garb

Sigh. Will they ever learn?

Even after a Penn State sorority was shut down because of a photo they posted in which they dressed up in sombreros and mustaches to resemble Mexicans, a sorority at Columbia still doesn't seem to realize just how offensive these types of photos can be.

According to The Huffington Post, the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority at Columbia University posted photos to Facebook, Instagram and other social media channels showing members at a "Beer Olympics" party dressed in racial stereotypical attire meant to represent a number of countries, including Mexico.

Those dressed up in Mexican garb wore t-shirts donning an altered Mexican flag and the words "Down to Fiesta," along with large fake mustaches and sombreros while carrying maracas. Another sorority student member was seen holding up a bottle of tequila.

It all sounds a bit too familiar, no?

The photos have angered many, including the Columbia Chicano Caucus, who released the following statement:

"While we understand that the actions taken by these members may not have intended to be harmful, they were in fact offensive. Stereotypes are used to oppress marginalized communities. These pictures caricaturize Mexican culture and should not be overlooked. The attire trivializes an entire nation’s history, its peoples, and its cultures, reducing them to a mere mustache and sombrero. Though the attire was meant to represent Mexico in a game of Beer Olympics, in actuality it perpetuates the American stereotype of the sombrero-wearing Mexican-American migrant worker, distorting the culture into a form of entertainment.

That’s not to say that members outside of the Mexican culture cannot dress in our cultural garb or partake in our traditions. However, altering the Mexican flag is not the way to participate in a respectful manner."

No word yet on what will happen to these young women, but it would come as no surprise if they wind up facing shut down like the Penn State sorority.