Chile Might Change One of the Most Restrictive Abortion Laws, Ever


Chile might be reconsidering its stance in abortion. Currently, Chile is one of five countries in the world that punishable with prison time, even in the case of rape or when having a baby means the woman will die. It's been described as one of the strictest abortion laws in the world and was established in 1989. 

Those who go through with an abortion can receive up to 10 years prison time, while doctors and practitioners who do the procedure can receive up to 15 years behind bars. 

But that might all change. President Michelle Bachelet said Wednesday that she would introduce legalization of abortion in cases of rape, pregnancies where the fetus will not live or in cases where the woman will not survive, reports the Huffington Post.

“Periodically, we hear from the news about cases of women who get clandestine abortions that put their lives at risk and without doubt mark them with a painful, anguishing experience,” Bachelet said in a speech.

If the proposal was to be made into law, medical experts estimate that between 500 and 700 women could legally terminate pregnancies. 

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