Cameron Diaz Reveals First Designs for Pour La Victoire

Cameron Diaz's First Designs for Pour La Victoire
Getty Images; Pour la Victoire

Cameron Diaz has been muy busy lately!

Between promoting her book The Body Book and filming the remake of Annie, she also managed to squeeze in time to create her first designs for Pour La Victoire.

Diaz took on the role of artistic director for the accessories line in July 2013. “Pour La Victoire gives me the opportunity to create something timeless,” she said after the announcement last year. “There’s a lot I have to learn about the business. I’m interested in learning how collections are created. The word ‘fun,’ I want to say that it’s going to be fun, but it’s deeper than that.”

This week the Cuban American star revealed her first shoe designs (check out one of them above) for Pour La Victoire's fall 2014 collection. “When I first came to PLV, I saw the potential in it because it was a brand that didn’t really have its own identity. It was a little bit all over the place,” Diaz told Footwear News. “I looked at it as an opportunity to help create that.”

The 41-year-old actress told Footwear News she had to learn and adjust to how fast the fashion industry moves, which contributed to what types of shoes could realistically be made for consumers.

“In the movie business, things move quickly, too, even more so over the years. We’re used to approving marketing materials before we’ve finished filming,” she said. “But in fashion, you have pre-fall, fall, holiday. You have all these little mini collections that you have to do. I can’t keep track of it. It’s literally not my language. But I’m trying to learn it. They are teaching me and I’m learning from them, and they are learning from me.”

Planning for her collection came while Diaz was smack in the middle of shooting Annie, which often meant heading to her trailer to review samples of bags and shoes in between shooting scenes. “This is very important to me,” she explained. “I’m not a person who does anything halfway.”

Diaz also noted that she wants her line to be adored for the right reasons. “I don’t want girls to aspire to be me. That’s not what this brand is about. It’s not about wearing a shoe I would wear,” she said. “I want them to see themselves in this shoe.”

Take a peek at all of Cameron Diaz's designs for Pour La Victoire's fall 2014 collection here and tell us what you think!