Border Patrol Union Makes Fun of Immigrant Children

Border Patrol Union Makes Fun of Immigrant Children
Breitbart Texas

Real cool, border patrol. Not. In a tweet (that has since been deleted), the union representing U.S. Border Patrol agents seemed to mock immigrant children. The Huffington Post reports that the tweet was posted Saturday morning:

But while the tweet was deleted, the union later defended the tweet by answering racist claims: "What is racist? Those are duties agents are being assigned."

According to the Huffington Post, nearly 50,000 children have been caught crossing the border without parents since October 1. Images released earlier this month showed young immigrants warehoused along the border, with officials calling it an "urgent humanitarian situation."

Shawn Moran, the union's vice president, went on Fox News to talk about the duties border patrol agents have to do. 

"There's a reason that we are ranked at the bottom of the federal workforce in morale," said Moran. "And it's because our agents are treated like grade-schoolers, not allowed to make decisions on our own, micromanaged. We live in some godforsaken towns on the Southwest border and just don't have the type of morale that we need to effectively do this job."

"It is demoralizing the way we are treated and to see things like this," Moran continued. "Our agents should be out there patrolling the border, enforcing the laws. But instead we've got them processing, which is a necessary duty, but they're being used basically as the hired help."

You know what's more demoralizing, Moran? Mocking children with cultural stereotypes and dehumanizing them by storing them in warehouses like bags of flour. 

It's also ridiculous that even after all these interactions with adult immigrants and young immigrants alike, border patrol still can't get a handle on the fact that these people are coming from different countries. "Burrito Wrapping"? We'd venture to guess that a good majority of these kids did not grow up eating burritos.

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