Prosecutor: Aaron Hernandez Shot & Killed Two People Over a Spilled Drink

Aaron Hernandez Shot And Killed Two People Over A Spilled Drink, Prosecutor Says

Aaron Hernandez had talent and an extremely bright future ahead of him, but unfortunately, a string of terrible events would eventually force him to throw it all away.

The latest to come out of Hernandez's case involving the 2012 murders of two Boston men outside a nightclub is that the former New England Patriots tight end's motive was a spilled drink.

According to Fox News Latino, prosecutors claimed Hernandez felt people had been "testing and disrespecting" him at nightclubs in the Boston area, which led to a spiraling sequence of events leading up to the July 2012 murders.

On Wednesday, prosecutors stated that after the drink was spilled on Hernandez, a friend tried to calm him down. Prosecutors also claim that Hernandez thought his victims were following him.

But the former pro-football player's attorneys say the prosecution's claims are just a way to poison the jury pool.

Hernandez has pleaded not guilty and is expected back in court on June 24 for this case. His legal team says he is looking forward to proving his innocence.