NEW VIDEO: Kat DeLuna's "In The End"

Here's hoping this time's the charm for Kat DeLuna. The singer recently dropped the music video for "In The End," her third single off of 9 Lives and first big move since her split with Epic Records. It's a fitting choice, too, because the aggressive dance-pop track is all about going against the grain. "I'm the textbook definition of a rebel," Kat DeLuna coos on the record. "To me, life ain't fun unless you're in a good fight."


The lyrics definitely capture Kat's swagger, and we have no doubt that her hardcore fans will love the song's clubby vibe. And we love seeing her new espresso-toned hair and fierce Spy-Girl-Gone-Bad outfits in the music video. (However, we'd love to see some scenes of her performing life, or maybe some choregraphy, extras, a club scene--something!) But is it exactly what Kat needs to show those Epic execs what they missed out on? We're undecided....check out the video above, and tell us what you think.