Naya Rivera Covers Latina Magazine's October 2013 Hollywood Hot List Cover!

On following in Jennifer Lopez’s footsteps: “It’s insane how gorgeous she is. Jennifer Lopez is a perfect example of what it means to be a mogul and have longevity, but still have people like you. She can do this until she chooses not to anymore. I hope I can say that one day.”

A hi-res version of the cover is available here & below:

Also in the October 2013 issue:

  • Hollywood Hot List: Latina’s entertainment hot list showcases the fastest-rising actresses, comedians, writers, directors and media moguls who are revolutionizing the movies and TV shows we watch, as well as the ways we watch them. Featuring the cast of Orange Is the New Black, Oscar Isaac of the Coen brothers’ Inside Llewyn Davis, Zoë Saldaña, Aubrey Plaza and dozens more.
  • Jennifer Lopez’s Style Rules: With her new collection for Kohl’s, the fashion icon is bringing her flair for the dramatic to the people. Jennifer Lopez gives an exclusive look at how she dresses up and how her best looks can work for you.  
  • How to Get Demi Lovato’s Gorgeous Complexion: The changing season can wreak havoc on skin, but with expert tips from Renée Rouleau, Demi Lovato’s trusted aesthetician, you can make the transition while looking fresh.
  • Hottest Shoes for Fall: We showcase the hottest styles for fall, including prep-school plaids, punk-rock studs, and racy, revamped booties.
  • Jewel-Tone Makeup Makeover: The season’s runways were glowing with vibrant, rich colors, and here’s how to take those shades and turn them into bold and dramatic makeup looks.
  • Fighting for Their Lives: Latin America has some of the most restrictive antiabortion laws in the world, and every year those laws result in more than a thousand deaths. Here’s one woman’s experience with a medical crisis in Mexico and how the fear of prosecution leads women to take staggering risks with their own health.


Articles from the upcoming October 2013 issue are available upon request.