The 10 Worst Song Titles Of All Time

There's nothing worse than hearing an amazing song... and then learning it has an absolutely cringeworthy name.

From Jennifer Lopez to Ricky Martin, these 10 artists all created great songs with terrible titles: 

1. I Luh Ya Papi

Jennifer Lopez: "I Luh Ya Papi"

Because no grown woman should ever pronounce the word 'luh'. 

2. She Bangs

Ricky Martin: "She Bangs" 

What exactly does she... bang? 

3. Tonight I'm F*cking You

Enrique Iglesias: "Tonight (I'm F*cking You)" 

Keep it classy, Enrique. 


4. Baby Danger

Wisin: "Baby Danger" 

Um.... did anyone say this aloud? 

5. Rock The Pants

Prince Royce: "Rock The Pants"

We forgive you, Royce, but this title is awful. 

6. Tchu Tchu Tcha

Pitbull feat. Enrique Iglesias: "Tchu Tchu Tcha"

What does this even mean? Are these words?

The song is based off the popular Brazilian song "Eu Quero Tchu. Eu Quero Tcha", but that title also makes no sense. 

7. Pussy Is Mine

Miguel: "Pussy Is Mine" 

Just... no. You're better than this, Miguel. 

8. Cudderisback

Kid Cudi: "Cudderisback"

We love you, Kid Cudi, and we're glad you're back... but is that really an excuse to forget to hit the space bar? 

9. Don't Phunk With My Heart

Black Eyed Peas: "Don't Phunk With My Heart"

Are they trying to say funk? Are they trying to say f*ck? Seriously. 

10. Prrrum

Cosculluela: "Prrrum" 

This is a sound effect, not a word.