12 Songs That Have Latin Food in the Title

Food and music are two integral parts of Latino culture. Pair the two together and it’s absolute heaven. Think about digging into some “Arroz con Habichuelas” by El Gran Combo, “Patacón Pisao” by Johnny Ventura, washed down by some “Tequila” by The Champs and “Caramelo y Chocolate” by Iris Chacon for dessert. Yummy! Take a listen and get hungry!

1. “Caramelo y Chocolate” by Iris Chacon

The original Latin bombshell sings/coos to her hombre.

2. “Arroz con Habichuelas” by El Gran Combo

The legendary Puerto Rican salsa band adds even more sabor to the Latin cuisine staple of rice and beans.

3. “Arroz con Frijoles” by Grupo Fantasma

Whether you call it frijoles or habichuelas, beans are just yummy (and good for you too). Let the Grammy-winning Latin funk band, Grupo Fantasma, tell you more.

4. “Patacón Pisao” by Johnny Ventura

The Dominican singer lets it be known—he likes his plantains smashed. Don’t we all?

5. “Platano Maduro” by Nelson Cordero

We’re sure there’s a double entendre here. Wait, maybe not. Nope, there it is.

6. “Tequila” by The Champs

This instrumental will forever be associated with the Mexican liquor, low riders and Pee Wee Herman.

7. “Bendita Cerveza” by Banda Los Recoditos

Here’s a love song to beer. Soak it in and let the suds sooth you.

8. “Caldo de Pollo” by Grupo Mojado

According to Grupo Mojado, chicken soup will make everything all better. Of course, it has to be cooked by your mami.

9. “La Arepa” by Aniceto Molina

The Colombian cumbia master uses the staple of his people’s diet, the arepa, to describe, ahem, anatomy.

10. “La Tortilla” by Joe Cuba

Tortilla > Pizza. Why even try? We’re pretty sure Cuba and his Sextet aren’t singing the wonders of the corn-based food.

11. “Salchicha con Huevo” by Jimmy Sabater

We appreciate your honesty, Jimmy. No frills, no masking—just straight sexual connotations here.

12. “Tabaco y Ron” by Rodolfo y Su Tipica

Three ways to set off a Latin party: bring Bacardi rum, toke on some Cuban cigars and play this song.

13. “Arroz con Pollo” by Maxwell

This laidback instrumental is as mellow as the Puerto Rican and African American crooner himself.