#Interview with Mark Ballas From 'Dancing With the Stars'

#Interview with ‘Dancing with the Stars’’ Mark Ballas
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Mark Ballas is much more than one of the best dancers on ABC’s mega hit, Dancing With The Stars. The Mexican, Spanish, Greek and English artist is a helluva of a singer as well. Peep his infectious single “Get My Name” here. More importantly (for the purposes of this Q&A), when the son of legendary Latin American dancers “Corky” and Shirley Ballas isn’t stealing hearts on the dance floor or behind the mic, he’s hashtagging like the rest of us. With that said, here’s #Interview with Mark Ballas. #DancerTurntSanga #BallasBallin #DontSayTwerk #GetMyName #BrunoJustinMoveAside

You posted a pic with Derek Hough with #20YearsOfFriendship.

Yeah, #20YearsOfFriendship represented how long Derek and I have been friends. We met when I was eight and he was nine. He turned 29 the other day so it was weird to kind of be like, “Wow, it’s been like 20 years that we’ve been friends.” We grew up together, we went to high school together, we went to college together, he was my foster brother so we lived in the same house, so we’re pretty much brothers. It was a cool day, and like it was cool to bust his balls that he’s nearly 30.

You used #DJCandyBall throughout this past season of DWTS.

DJ Candy Ball was Candace Cameron Bure and myself’s team name for Dancing with the Stars. Her character on Full House was DJ Tanner, her name is Candace, it turned down to Candy, my last name is Ballas so if you take off the “as” it’s “Ball,” so that’s where that came from.

#CaliShoeHeads. What’s that about?

Cali Shoe Heads is my friend Oscar’s company. He helps me get limited edition Jordans. I’m a shoe collector so he helped me track down some 1’s and some Concord 11s. I’m really into sneakers. I love Jordans and I’m a big Chuck Taylor guy too. But #CaliShoeHeads is a hashtag for people who are in the Cali area that are nerds about sneakers.

#Shredding #PressJuicery with a pic of a natural juice.

Before the season, the one before this past season, I went on a bit of a rampage in my break and I was like, “Man, I really want eat and drink and do what the heck I wanna do.” And I put on 20 pounds. So for me, as a dancer, I was heavier than what I’m used to moving at. I usually move at 150 to 155 lbs and I was hanging out at 170 lbs, so for me that was really heavy. So I had to go on a juice cleanse and strip down my diet. And in two to three weeks I dropped the majority of the weight. And then I got back in the gym and during the season of the show I cut right back down to 150 lbs pretty quickly, but the discipline factor for that in that amount of time was extremely hard.

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