Exclusive: Luis Fonsi Talks New Album, His Daughter, & Juan Luis Guerra

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How difficult was it not to write the entire album about her?

There were a few other songs written about her, but probably more indirectly. I think the one that was most directly written about her was “Corazon in multicolor” and I recorded her at the end of the songs so it was obviously very about her. You say it with a laugh and I laugh about it too, but it’s such a strong emotion that you want to celebrate it and share that with everybody. There were definitely a few songs that she was the center of.

What has surprised you about fatherhood?

A lot of things have surprised me about myself. I’ve become a more patient person. Little things too, I’ve become a better driver. Even when she’s not in the car, I’m more cautious about life in general and I’m more focused about life in general. I try to enjoy the little moments in life. I don’t try actually; I definitely do enjoy the little moments a lot more than I did before. These last 15 years have been…I don’t want to use the words “a blur” because they haven’t been a blur and I’ve enjoyed the heck out of these last 15-17 years and my career, but they have flown by. As you’re doing something, you’re constantly thinking about the next thing and the thing after that, that you sometimes forget to enjoy the thing that you’re actually doing at that time. I don’t know if that made any sense! Now I’m just making sure that although I’m planning the future, I’m still enjoying the heck out of the present. That’s something that she changed because I want to make sure that I’m enjoying everything with her because they grow up so fast. That’s the one thing everyone says, that they grow up so fast and to enjoy every moment.