Exclusive: Luis Fonsi Talks New Album, His Daughter, & Juan Luis Guerra

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You wrote “Llegaste Tú” for your baby daughter, Mikaela. Does she have any idea it’s about her?

I don’t think she has a clue! She definitely gravitated towards that song because I started writing the melody here at home in Miami. The song starts out with “Ooos” and that’s where I started with the melody. She happened to walk in to the studio as she did every day because it’s a studio/playroom and she walked in and she started humming that with me. At this time, she was a year old and she was just barely walking. That little “ooooo” stuck to her and she started humming it. In her own little baby language, she was telling me that this was her song.

From then on, it became her song and all about her and that’s why it became “Llegaste Tú.” It’s a love song, it’s a song that anybody can gravitate to or whoever meets that person who comes into their life. It can be a baby, a boyfriend, a girlfriend or whoever. It’s just one of those heartfelt love songs that are fun to write every once in a while so I’m very attached to that song. And obviously it’s worth mentioning that I got to record it with one of the best and talented people I’ve ever met, took it to that next level.

How was it working with Juan Luis Guerra on this song?

I have home videos of Juan Luis when I was nine and I was imitating the stuff he was doing and he was already super famous. I think it’s a blessing that he’s still doing his thing at a top level. That speaks highly of him and I think that all the younger artists like me and Juanes, we hope to be his age and still doing music at the level that he’s doing it. I’m just honored to be on that list of artists that he thinks are talented enough to be performing by his side. It’s definitely an honor. He’s somebody that we all, regardless of our age, generation that we’re in, or our genre, have a lot of respect towards this guy as a songwriter, as an artist, and as a person. It’s definitely fun to have his name in my album.

“Corazón Multicolor” is another song about your daughter.

One is about her, and the other is for her. “Llegaste Tú” is more about her. It’s about love and that thing you feel when you have that little person looking at you. “Corazón Multicolor” is the song that I sing to her. It’s that lullaby that at nighttime I grab my guitar and I sing that by her crib. One is more on the commercial, love side, which is “Llegaste Tú” and one is more on the personal side, from me to her. It’s a song that I recorded in one take with one guitar. It’s very broken down and has a bonus track feel to it. Obviously, it’s a special track as well.

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