New Duo Los Rakas Talk Debut Album, Shakira & Keeping Up with Their Panamanian Roots

Los Rakas

You guys are Panamanian, correct? How do you keep your culture alive in your music as well as in your personal lives?

Raka Dun: Yes. It’s just like everything we do has to do with Panama but organically, though. You know what I mean? Like, thank God we always were proud of being Panamanian, so we kept listening the music. We talk like Panamanians –

Raka Rich: We just missed it! We missed it so much!

Raka Dun: So much!

Raka Rich: And we were like we’re not going to let go of the little bit that we’ve got left. We stayed on each other. You know, as soon as I heard a different kind of accent, like, a different kind of Spanish accent, you know, I would call people out. Like, “Hold on: you don’t sound Panamanian right now! [Laughs]. Am I losing you?” So we stay on each other just to keep the culture.

Raka Dun: Yeah.

Raka Rich: And it also happens, being from California in the Bay Area, we’re super proud of that as well. That’s half of our life, you know? That’s where we learned how to be a man. You know, so it was like: it just shows.

Raka Dun: It’s just who we are.

Los Rakas debut album El Negrito Dun Dun & Ricardo is in stores & iTunes now