New Duo Los Rakas Talk Debut Album, Shakira & Keeping Up with Their Panamanian Roots

Do you have a favorite track? Or do you guys disagree on different tracks?

Raka Dun: It’s different tracks for different moods. Like, if you’re riding in a car you might listen to “Demencia y Locura."

Raka Rich: Yeah, yeah.

Raka Dun: You chillin’ with a girl, you might listen to “Acuestate,” you know? You at the club, you might listen to “Siente la musica.” You know, it’s different –

So it’s for everyone?

Raka Rich: You puffin on some California, you wanna listen to “Africana.” Like, “Oh, that’s a message?” Like, “Oh, they [are] talking about African women in Spanish, wow! That’s big.”

Do you have any Latino artists that you’re dying to collaborate with? Anyone that you want to work with?

Raka Rich: We did an interview with Snoop Dogg. We performed with Snoop Dogg. We just connected with Snoop, you know? His manager and us, we’re real good friends, so we’re always around each other.

Anyone else?

Raka Dun: [There’s] a lot of people we’d like to work with. Like Shakira…I don’t know it’s a lot of –

Raka Rich: Not even Latin music. We just want to create different fusions so people [won’t] be afraid of, like, new sounds you know? Instead of like, “Okay hip-hop is just only supposed to be – these are the only people that can be on hip-hop beats.” Why not say, “Oh, I’m gonna get this rocker dude to hop on this hip-hop beat.” You know what I mean? Just take ‘em out of his element. And you know something cool might come out of it. You know, why not try?

Raka Dun: Yeah, exactly.

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