Suave Says: 6 Latino One-Hit Wonders

Earlier this month, VH1 announced it has a new docu-series in the works: Suave Says. If "suave" got you thinking of "Rico Suave," then your mind is in the right place. The upcoming VH1 series will follow one-hit wonder Gerardo and his family as he manages a "loco home life" with wife Kathy, rapping son Jaden, niece Lexi and daughters Bianca (a fashionista) and Nadia (an aspiring singer and “Miss Teen Beverly Hills” title-holder). “I can’t wait for VH1’s audience to meet my wild family,” he said. “We’re like Ricky and Lucy but with a handful of crazy kids trying to run my casa.”

With Suave Says coming this fall, we wanted to pay homage to all our favorite Latino one-hit wonders! Take a listen:

1. Gerardo

Born Gerardo Mejia, the Ecuadorian rapper was best known for being "Rico Suave" thanks to his 1991 debut hit. "Rico Suave" peaked at #7 on the Billboard 200 chart. Despite having released a single called "We Want the Funk," which was semi-popular, Gerardo became known as a one-hit wonder because "Rico Suave's" popularity could just not be topped.

2. Los del Río

Who doesn't remember Los del Río and dancing to their smash-hit single "Macarena?" The single, which was released in early1994, became a worldwide success. Although the Spanish pop duo went on to collaborate on a song with MC Hammer and Baha Men in 1997 called "Car Loca Rosa," it never quite made waves like "Macarena."

3. Nina Sky

Identical twins Nicole and Natalie Albino formed their group Nina Sky in the early 2000's. On April 27, 2004 they released their hit single "Move Ya Body," which went on to reach number 17 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. By July, "Move Ya Body" had become a worldwide hit! Nina Sky later went on to collaborate with Sean Paul and N.O.R.E. and they released a total of three albums. But nothing was quite as popular as "Move Ya Body" and the duo became known mainly for that first single.

4. Lumidee

"Uh oh, uh oh" kept replaying in our minds over and over the summer Lumidee dropped her first single "Never Leave You" off her debut album, Almost Famous. "Never Leave You" peaked at number 3 in the U.S. After the single began to fade from popularity, Lumidee left the mainstream music industry in the U.S. and decided to continue her musical career overseas, veering more towards reggaeton and dancehall music.

5. Ryan Cabrera

The Colombian American singer debuted his first single "On the Way Down" in 2004. The song gained popularity quickly and peaked at number 15 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart. Since then, Cabrera hasn't released any songs that did quite as well as "On the Way Down."

6. Cassie

Cassie Ventura, most famously known as simply Cassie, was offered a management deal by Tommy Mottola in the early 2000's. In 2005, Cassie released her first single "Me & U." The song quickly became a club hit in Germany and across the globe. But the 27-year-old's music career never quite took off, despite teaming up with Diddy and Bad Boy Records.