JLO's Music Video for "Same Girl" is Here!

JLO's Music Video For 'Same Girl' Is Here!
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Jennifer Lopez embraces her Bronx roots in her new music video for "Same Girl."

Jenny From The Block released the music video earlier this morning. "I'm tired of trying to make you see that I'm still me," the 44-year-old sings, as she tours her old neighborhood, poses with fans, and takes the 6 train in her hometown. Even her outfit screams New York -- the actress and singer dons a Yankees cap, a fluffy down coat, and a pair of torn jeans. 

"This was probably the craziest thing I've done in my career of music and movies," she said about making the video. "I like just being able to do things spontaneously, and not have everything so planned out."

We love the video! Watch a preview below, and check out the full video at Complex.