Daddy Yankee’s 8 Biggest Boss Moves

Happy Birthday, Daddy Yankee! This is your life! Well, almost. In honor of El Cangri’s 37th birthday, we track his biggest power moves in his career. Bow down to El Big Boss!

1. Gasolina


Yankee’s 2004 mega hit is almost entirely responsible for the reggaeton U.S. boom of the mid-aughts. The Luny Tunes-produced song garnered Latin Grammy nominations and lived on the Billboard charts for months. Simply put: people hear the term, reggaeton, they think of “Gasolina.”

2. El Cartel Records

El Cartel Records

With “Gasolina” under his belt, Yankee was a hot commodity in the music biz. In 2005, Yankee’s El Cartel Records signed a joint venture with Interscope. Using Interscope’s marketing team and mass scope, only enlarged Yankee’s star. 

3. Reebok


In 2005, Yankee became the first Latino artist to have his own sneaker line with Reebok. In addition to his footwear, he also released his clothing line, DY. 

4. Headphones


In 2012, the reggaeton superstar partnered with Section 8 to produce Daddy Yankee headphones. “I am constantly on tour and in the studio and headphones are an essential part of my day to day and while on the road! Now we will bring fans and consumers a product that is my style and great quality all in one,” he said in a press release. 

5. Cologne


Daddy Yankee cologne? Yes, please. Smell like El Cangri; become El Cangri.

6. Pepsi


What would a superstar be without a major soda endorsement? Not much. In 2007, Yankee launched a “Puertas” advertising campaign with Pepsi. Power. Move. 

7. Talento de Barrio

Talento de Barrio

Released in 2008, the film (loosely based on Yankee’s upbringing in Puerto Rico) broke movie house attendance in his home isle and received decent reviews. Starring as the titular character, Edgar, Yankee received good reviews for his rookie acting skills. 

8. El Cartel: The Big Boss

El Cartel: The Big Boss

The Big Boss was his first studio album post-“Gasolina” so the pressure was on. Pressure? What pressure? Yankee recruited pop stars Fergie and Nicole Scherzinger and producers Scott Storch and and delivered his most U.S. mainstream friendly album to date. It debuted atop the Latin Billboard charts and number nine on the main Billboard chart.