West Side Story Remake: 6 Latinos In Our Dream Cast

West Side Story is, perhaps, the most beloved musicals of all time. The film earned 10 Academy Awards (including one for Best Picture), propelled Rita Moreno to superstardom, and racked up a devoted cult following. When we discovered that the musical was set to be revived by Steven Spielberg, we knew the remake deserved an all-star cast. Here are six Latino stars we hope to see in the upcoming reboot:

1. West Side Story Dream Cast: Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez as Maria

Originally played by Natalie Wood, Maria is a loveable combination of sweetness and sass. Gomez has the look nailed, plus she can sing, act, and dance. It's about time she was cast in a serious role where she can show off all of her talent.

2. West Side Story Dream Cast: Blake Jenner

Blake Jenner as Tony

Fun fact: Richard Beymer, who starred in the original movie, didn’t do any of his own singing for the role. Jenner, however, wouldn’t need any dubbing as Tony. The Cuban-American actor and singer has been showing off his talent for years on Glee, and with a haircut, we think the star would look a lot like the original Tony.

3. West Side Story Dream Cast: Naya Rivera

Naya Rivera as Anita

Anita is one of the most beloved characters of all time, and Rita Moreno even won an Academy Award for her performance as the assertive Puerto Rican chica. Fellow boricua Rivera has been showing off her talents for years as Santana on Glee, and her fearless dancing and flawless vocals make her the perfect fit for the role of Anita. 



4. West Side Story Dream Cast: Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars as Bernardo

The "Trasure" singer has got the moves and the soulful voice necessary to play BernardoSure, his acting chops remain untested...but plenty of singers have made the jump to movies before, so why not Bruno? Added plus: He’s already got the hair to pull off the role! 

5. West Side Story Dream Cast: Ryan Guzman

Ryan Guzman as Riff

This Mexicano proved he can really dance when he starred in Step Up Revolution. Riff’s dancing always felt like a display of pure athleticism, and Guzman’s got the moves to do the part justice.

6. West Side Story Dream Cast: Diego Boneta

Diego Boneta as Chino

Boneta proved he can act, sing, and dance in the musical film Rock of Ages. He’s never taken on a role this dark before, but we think the actor has what it takes to pull off the character of Chino.